MCADSV Webinar

Thu May 8th, 2014 to Thu May 8th, 2014

10:00 AM
11:00 AM

Non-Profit Boards of Directors: Strategic Opportunities for Board Training and Development

MCADSV will be conducting a series of organizational capacity-focused webinars over the next few months.  This is a brief departure from our traditional topics focused on delivery of services to victims of violence.  

We have heard from many members that there is a need for training opportunities and continued conversation on organizational development issues.  The first in our series of organizational-focused webinars is about non-profit board development and training. 

We will be discussing best practices for board development and training with your non-profit Boards of Directors.  The large majority of you operate as non-profit organizations and may be struggling with board “issues”.  We hope to address your current needs and concerns.  Please be sure to send us feedback about particular topics you are most interested in hearing about during the call.  Even if you do not have a Board of Directors, you may benefit from the information and we welcome you to join the call. 

Our presenter for the webinar will be Terry Profota from the Montana-based Sage Solutions Nonprofit Consulting.  Terry has worked closely with MCADSV over the past 6 years and has also trained and facilitated conversations within many of our member organizations.  Many of you may already know her!  She is a regular presenter at the Montana Nonprofit Association conference and is widely respected for her expertise in this area.  She is available to work on contract with Executive Directors and their Board of Directors and we highly encourage you to consider working with her in the future.  

Webinars are free for MCADSV members. Please contact us at if you would like to be emailed a registration invitation.


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