MCADSV Public Policy Staff
Kelsen Young, Executive Director
Sydney Barry, Policy and Research Specialist

MCADSV is a statewide coalition of individuals and organizations working together to end domestic and sexual violence through advocacy, public education, public policy and program development. Our mission is to support and facilitate networking among our member organizations while advocating for social and systems change in Montana.

One of those activities – public policy work – is an ongoing process that is most effective if we all work together. It involves educating, informing and working with decision-makers (at the local, state, and federal levels) so that the policies and programs they implement pay heed to the consequences, both negative and positive, that their decisions might have for victims of domestic and sexual violence and the services they can access.   A large portion of the policy work that MCADSV undertakes can be divided into two areas: state level and federal level.

Montana’s State Legislature
The Legislature in Montana meets in regular session for 90 working days in every odd numbered year beginning in January. The Policy Staff  will be present at the Capitol throughout the entire session to make sure that our Movement’s voice is heard during the law making process. Policy staff will also work together to produces an End of Session Final Legislative Report, a Voting Record for Legislators, and a breakdown of how each Legislator voted on MCADSV’s primary legislation.  We hope that you find the information appealing, informative and useful.

Federal-Level Policy Work
MCADSV partners with a number of national organizations to educate Montana’s 3-person Congressional Delegation about issues related to domestic and sexual violence and to inform them about pending federal legislation that is relevant. We are a member of the National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV), which has been working with Congress on issues related to domestic violence, Violence Against Women Act funding, and victims’ rights.

Click here to go to the Legislative Action Center on the NNEDV website and check out the most current information on the policy issues they feel are critical.

For more information on federal policy work specifically related to sexual assault, check out NAESV at http://endsexualviolence.org/legislation/

Montana’s Congressional Delegation
Montana currently has three members in its Congressional Delegation: two Senators and one Congressman. Since they represent all of Montana, it is important to keep them informed about our concerns and the issues we consider important. We also need to thank them and encourage them whenever they support us and our positions.

Policy Resources
If you are interested in building a better understanding of some of the public policy issues related to domestic and sexual violence, please check out some of the resources that we use on a regular basis: