Policy Resources

Facts and Numbers
Statistics can be very helpful to shape one’s understanding of the scope and intricacies of an issue or project. National statistics are important, but when working with Montana policymakers, having Montana statistics is key. The repository for that data, however, depends upon what you are looking for. Click on the links below to check out two primary sources of data related to victimization and sexual and domestic violence.

Montana Board of Crime Control: The MBCC is the repository for the statistics that law enforcement agencies across the state collect. Their website offers a number of crime reports, some of which searchable by county and crime.

Montana State Supreme Court: The Montana Supreme Court Administrator’s Office publishes the Annual Reports of the Montana Judiciary, which provide some information about the cases tried before Montana Courts. They report numbers for domestic violence and a number of other crimes.

Below are links to websites that we use most often for policy-related research.

Domestic Violence Statutes

Sexual Violence Statutes

Montana State Legislature: This page provides links to bills and legislative action for the past four legislative sessions. It is also provides a link to a searchable database of Montana’s Code and Constitution.

Thomas: Hosted by the U.S. Library of Congress, this site is the Internet portal to the U.S. Congress. Here you can find out about legislation, what is scheduled for the House and Senate Floors and committee action.

The National Network to End Domestic Violence: In addition to its Legislative Action Center, NNEDV also has a current listing of all state coalitions and links to their Web sites, many of which have policy sections. It’s a good way to get a glimpse into what activists in other states are doing.

American Bar Association Commissions: The American Bar Association has a number of commissions on various policy topics that intersect with the work we do. One of those is the Commission on Domestic Violence. This page has links to the Web site pages of all those commissions.

National Sexual Violence Resource Center: This is a good page to find links and discussion of legislation related to sexual violence.

Center for Law and Social Policy: This organization conducts research, policy analysis, technical assistance, and advocacy on issues related to economic security for low-income families with children.

National Center for Victims of Crime: This site is a good place to find statistics, updated information, and links to ongoing policy issues related to domestic and sexual violence and victims of all crimes.