Training and Education

One of the main reasons the Montana Coalition formed in the 1980s was to provide Montana advocates with regular opportunities to attend training and network with each other so that member organizations, their staff and volunteers can provide the best services possible to people who are victims of domestic or sexual violence.

In addition, MCADSV staff members also provide training and technical assistance to a wide variety of organizations and individuals whose work, profession, or community activism could benefit. These trainings vary and range from basic introduction and awareness to a workshop narrowly targeted to provide participants specific knowledge they need to better serve domestic and sexual violence victims and, hopefully, reduce violence in our society.

Training Scholarships for Members

  • Each year, MCADSV awards scholarships for Members to attend trainings. MCADSV tries to grant scholarships for Members to attend trainings that MCADSV sponsors and National Trainings.

For more information regarding our 2020 Trainings and Events please click here or contact the MCADSV office, (406) 443-7794.